.Autumn leaves

Cosmetics :

Skin : (bodyline) SARA _m1_ b [by Nedeko Kohime]

Hair : MIEL MARTINI HAIR – black 1 [by Mika Nieuport]

Eyes : :: hsh :: SR2-DEEP03–S– [by HAZ Starship] !Group gift

Eyelashes : (amperlope) koi tale : lashes [by Ampersand Artful] (NEW)

Clothes :

Top : .:A&M:. V-Neck Sweater – Fall (Female) [by Mala Oh] !FTLO Fall (NEW)

Leggins : +BOUNCE+ Electric Wild leggins -GREEN Zebra [by Archan Allen] !Gatcha (NEW)

Shoes : ::Kookie:: Vo pumps / Green grass [by Kookie Lemon]

Bag :  *LOTTA_StrawBag(e_gn) [by Yaya Klees]

Scarf : MIEL LIA SCARF – flor [by Mika Nieuport] (NEW)

Ring : Kyoot Gatcha – Dakota Pearl Ring 4 (Antiqued pearls) [by Saeya Nyanda] (NEW)

Necklace : Atelier AM .+*AA*+.Feather&bullets black [by aya Huldschinsky]

Birds : Clawtooth: A place to call home (birds) [by Bubbles Clawtooth]

Environment :

Location :  (My autumn skybox ^^)

Pose : *Leafy – Peepybirds [by Kaethe Dyrssen]

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