.Season walk

Cosmetics :

Skin : [dekade.] SKINS BARDOT-Zuri/Mahagony/Eb 01/Hair/Make Up 07 [by Kira Ahn] !Not available anymore (see CheernoFemme now)

Hair : ++AY.LinE++Assam[[Charcoal]] [by Anywa Nyoki] !TeaHunt

Eyes : PIDIDDLE – Lost Princess Eyes [by Brutus Martinek]

Eyelashes : (amperlope) sidewinder : lashes [by Ampersand Artful]

Clothes :

Poncho : AOHARU_PonchoCardigan_Black [by machang Pichot]

Sweater/dress : [AddiCt]ZIOMARA Sweaterdress/Rose [by Kianna Noel] !GroupGift

Tights : {SMS} Nordic Tights Mustard/Violet [by Irie Campese] !NEW

Shoes : *COCO*_Gift_FlatAnkleBoots_Black [by cocoro Lemon] !Gift

Bag : tram doctors bag(small size) (Ggift) [by moca Loup] !GroupGift

Necklace : Alchemy Immortalis ) AI ( – Ami Amet Deli Pencet Ivy Choker [by AlchemyImmortalis Cyannis]

Environment :

Location : Gulf of Lune

Poses :

tram [by moca Loup] !GroupGift

xbordeaux [by Xanadu Capelo] !Gift



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