..Review : Chaisuki Paris Skin

I am a huge fan of Chaisuki, and I would like to show you every angles of this beautiful skin, created by Chai Kazan.

1. Intro

Here is a general view of my body 😀 Don’t feel shocked about nudity, that’s a technical & artistic post, showing details of a great work.


I will be presenting you eyeshadows, lipsticks, blush, eyebrows, hairbases and other details of the skin.

Each package contains 1 Skin only, and multiple tatoo layers for options (eyeshadows, lipticks, eyebrows, hairbases, pubic hair, tan lines, …) I picked the make-up 18 in Nougat skin tone (the darkest!). You can find many more skin tones and make-ups in store. Try out the demos and pick your favorites!

Credits: SKIN Chaisuki Paris 19 Nougat / HAIR Truth >TRUTH< Chantelle Streaked – quince / EYES Plastik VaeColl.-Sola (Lazy Sunday item)

2. Eyeshadows

You can find many different make-up basis skins in store. One skin package contains many options too. First, here are the eyeshadow options I have in my Paris 18 Nougat pack, displayed on Tatoo Layers only. There are 6 eyeshadows add-ons (3 diamonds, 1 eyeliner, 1 smoke, 1 smudged). I present you a little mix of different tatoo layers presented in the pack 😀

Display: Smudged eyeshadows/Burgundy eyebrows/base lipstick/teeth add-on.

3. Lipsticks

Paris offers 3 lipstick additional layers and 1 teeth add-on layer. Very glossy, shiny, pulpous and sexy lips !  The teeth layer looks very realistic and not that too much. I Really like it and it is high resolution, not blurry like many others.

4. Blush

There are also Blush layers for your cheeks 😀 They are soft, and girly. Really nice and feminine.

5. Eyebrows

Eyebrow layers ! Yay ! 4 colors (blond, ginger, brown…) + 1 Base color (Espresso dark brown). The colors are interesting, we usually don’t have so many colors, and that is very useful, to match your favorite hair colors 🙂

6. Hairbases

Paris hairbases are very high quality and colors same as eyebrows. The base skin is without hairbase, you need to wear a tatoo layer to have one on your skull.

7. Body details

The most interesting in this skin is the details of the body. Ribcage soft shadows, skin folds (elbow, knee) and the some beauty marks! This skin may appear to shiny for some people, and some others might dislike the ribcage details. One strange point about the body : there are like undies marks around the private area, like you worn too small panties all day long ^^ But if you are like me, this area does not matter ! The whole skin is a treasure, the fave is stunning, I don’t mind some strange marks there. That is really the only bad point about this skin.

Look at this cleavage ! Very sexy. The enhancer is on a tatoo layer. There are tan lines available on tatoo layers.

The bottom part of the body is also full of lovely details (beauty marks, soft shadows, some veins (nothing like varicose veins ^^)).

I hope you like this skin as much as i do ! That was a pleasure to discover this, and to share it with you.

Chaisuki [by Chai Kazan]

Location : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Chaisuki/128/128/21



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