This post is a kind of tribute to Lily’s fashion workshop , a great blog. I wait for Lily to post everyday 😀 And I love the way she creates her pics.

This hair From [kik]hair is a crazy crush I had some time ago. Crazy lovely \o/

This amazing coat from +KiiToS!! is really stunning. There are a closed and an opened version in each pack. Be careful to buy the good female or male version, there is no info about it, just don’t buy it in the male side of the store (and vice-versa). The designer was very kind and helped the stupid girl I am ù_ù


SKIN – Glam Affair – Leona skin Dressing Room [by aida Ewing]

EYES BODYLINE – gen2 eyes – island moss  [by Nedeko Kohime]

HAIR [kik]hair-Kate03(honey) [by as001 Littlething]


JEANS *Fishy Strawberry* Metal Foil Jeans [by Fae Eriksen]

TOP Leverocci– Sunset whore [by Jin Elfan] !With Love From hunt

COAT +KiiToS!! Lentotahi+ Pea Coat *Brown*  [by Trish Blanco]

HAT ::SUGARCUBE – prickly hat [by Sayuri Cremorne]

SCARF ::[ Mr.Poet ]::Wide Scarf  [by hiwinyu Fazuku] !FreeGift

GLOVES SINdecade -sD- Knit Gloves [Brown] [by Trin Trevellion] !Gift Xstreet

SHOES [SC] Surf Couture – Paperboy Ankle Boots – Cream [by Emma Gilmour] (NEW) !111 exclu

BAG Mentine – Knitted Warmer Set – Fringed Shoulder Bag [by valentine Biddle] !L$95 Xstreet


LOCATION [-iPoke-] @ van

POSES ORACUL AO [by daiz Papp]


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