Inspired. Some glitter. Kyoot‘s Seasons Hunt gift is just super cute. That was just what I needed to match my dress found at World’s end garden some time ago. MonS skin shows enormous glossy lips as usual ! Check out the Euphoria end of season sale before it’s too late ! Quite every stores provide 1 item for 100L$, and it lasts about 20 hours only, if my memory doesn’t fail. Magnifico‘s Woo-den incredible heels are 100L$ !! I’ve been dribbling in front of this pair for months. Thank you Euphoria sale !! Now they are mine. Mine. Miiiine !!


SKIN -MonS- Mira Skin /Colorfull-PinkLip-BrownB [by Ekilem Melodie] !Euphoria end of season sale (NEW!)  100L$

MAKE-UP Kyoot Makeup – Cateye 1 (Winter 1) [by Saeya Nyanda] !Seasons Hunt Gift (NEW!)

EYES ~*By Snow*~ Steel Eyes [by Snow Frostwych] !EaHH* (NEW!)

HAIR Exile Bianca/twilight [by Kavar Cleanslate]


TOP Kyoot – All That Glitters Vest (Winter) [by Saeya Nyanda] !Seasons Hunt Gift (NEW!)

SKIRT *World’s End Garden Requiem pour une soeur perdue [by Lucia Genesis]

HAIR ACCESSORIES *World’s End Garden La rose noire de la Reine [by Lucia Genesis]

BELT R.icielli – VERONICA belt /black [by Fhara Acacia]

SHOES [ m ] Woo-Den Heel [by Magnifico Miggins]  !Euphoria end of season sale (NEW!) 100L$


POSES (marukin) [by Valencia Southard]

*TDR = The Dressing Room

*EaHH = Extend a Helping Hand

Fashion Pixels Banner


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