This Jade color was so hard to find. I think it was the hardest since the begining, for me. I only found those 2 adorable dresses matching the color. I always try to get the closest to Luna Jubilee‘s color swatches, and this time I’m really proud of the work, even if I had a hard time ^^

Emery provides a few pieces of clothing compatible with this Jade color, but I choose this dress (1). And I saw on MichaMi‘s designer’s FlickR the new Belted Tube Dress (2), the green is quite emerald, but matches well this week’s Jade. More jewels from Zaara‘s huge sale (50% off on the whole store!). Vive Nine released this new hairstyle at Ch1c Management’s 1st anniversary event, and I love it. Vive9’s ginger color is great, I really like it. It is a very long ponytail, I should have taken a picture from my back :/

And you, readers who follow the challenge, do you try to match perfectly the color ?

Did you find this color difficult ?

Or what was the hardest color for you since the begining ?

Tell me all !



Styles Details :

hair/  .: vive nine :. Elsa in Ginger (by sanya.bilavio) !Ch1c
skin/  Grixdale – Teagan 2 – Honey – Sparrow (by tyr.rozenblum)
eyes/  .:A&M:. Ice Ice Eye – Ice Queen (by mala.oh)
make-up/  Nox. – Go Green Eyeshadow (by anya.mcconach)

1. Emery
top/  .:A&M:. Menorca Outfit – White Top  (by mala.oh)
dress/  Emery – Jumpsuit Striped Esme #Grass  (by sunami.beck)
ring/  Zaara : Kashiti bobble ring *turquoise* (silver)  (by zaara.kohime) !Sale
bracelet/  Zaara : Indra painted stacked bangles *silver*  (by zaara.kohime)!Sale
necklace/  Zaara : Adira necklace *claw silver* (by zaara.kohime) !Sale
earrings/ Zaara : Sarayi painted hoops *silver* (by zaara.kohime) !Sale
ring/  SIGMA Jewels/ Cast ring (silver) (by sofi.trenkins) !ZPHunt
pose/  xbordeaux – basic space, open air (by xanadu.capelo)

2. MichaMi
dress/  MichaMi: Belted Tube Dress in Evergreen (by milla.michinaga) !NEW
bracelet/  Zaara : Pratha silver cuff *malachite* (by zaara.kohime)!Sale
necklace/  Zaara : Balini Necklace *malachite cyan* (by zaara.kohime) !Sale
earrings/ Zaara : Anaya Turquoise Earrings *silver* (by zaara.kohime) !Sale
ring/  SIGMA Jewels/ Cast ring (silver) (by sofi.trenkins) !ZPHunt
pose/  (marukin) living on beatles and drugs (by valencia.southard)

*ZPHunt = Zombie Popcorn Hunt

*Ch1C = Chic Limited 1st Anniversary

*Sale = Zaara sale, 50%off on the whole store

Please leave a comment when you pass by, I’m so happy to read you !


2 thoughts on “Jade

    • Thanks Anichka, I suffered a lot for these Jade outfits ^^ And finally decided to do those 2 completely different styles, like you said, one fun and one posh ^^

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