Second life bloggers and stores on Facebook

Hello dear readers !

Special announcement :

Fashion Pixels is on Facebook !

I’ve been on Facebook for a while now, and I would like to create a Facebook SL Fashionista listing ! I discovered some wellknown pages but I would like to find more and list them here in a page of my blog. If you know more pages, and would like to help, please leave your links in comments !

[ordered from A to Z]


I heart SL : fb page

Fashion Pixels : fb page

JuicyBomb : fb page

StrawberrySingh : fb page


Acid & Mala Creations : fb page

Atomic Bambi / Swansong / Evoke : fb page

Bax Coen : fb page

Boom : fb page

FineSmith jewelry : fb page

Loulou & co : fb page

Malt : fb page

Piddidle : fb page

Vista Animations : fb page


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