Bubblegum Sushi

Boom released a new serie of tank tops, and Gogolita (Juicybomb) asked for a custom tee. Aranel Ah (Boom) created it (looks great! I hope she can release some tees like this for everbody!) and decided to create another one, for JuicyBomb shopping district. Here it is. It is for free at Boom’s store on Juicy land ! Also here are some cute new released hair styles from Exile, in unusual colors for my bubblegum weekend ! I especially like Ariel style, windblow effects are very usefull for photography in sl. And this color mix on Coy hair style is really great, it’s like a chocolate and mint mix ! MMmmmh !! Acid & Mala (Mala Oh) created cute new mouth attachment stuff. It looks great with a bubblegum weekend outfit ! (coming soon!! Greedy tongue is for Greedy Hunt! Much more coming!)

Bubblegum sushi

1/ Ariel (Babydoll) & Fresh Sushi (Kraken)

Bubblegum sushi

2/ Coy (Maple Mix) & Fresh Sushi (Cthulhu)
3/ Amira (Fern) & Greedy Tongue (Dripping choc)

Styles Details :

hair/ ::Exile:: Ariel:Roots-Babydoll (by kavar.cleanslate)
mouth/ .:A&M:. Fresh Sushi – Kraken – Mouth (by mala.oh)

hair/ ::Exile:: Coy:Roots-Maple mix (by kavar.cleanslate)
mouth/ .:A&M:. Fresh Sushi – Cthulhu – Mouth&Nose (by mala.oh)

hair/ ::Exile:: Amira:Roots-Fern (by kavar.cleanslate) !TDRb
mouth/ .:A&M:. Greedy Tongue + Dripping chocolate (by mala.oh) !FREE

skin/ -Glam Affair – Layla Light – BL – MSW 01 (by aida.ewing)
eyes/ .:A&M:. Human Eyes – Khaki – Dilated Pupil (by mala.oh)
makeup/ *BOOM* Boom-badoom-Boom Lashed (by aranel.ah)
top/  *BOOM* Juicy Girl Tank (by aranel.ah) !FREE
shorts/ *BOOM* Feel Free Shorts (by aranel.ah)

*TDRb = The Dressing Room Blue

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