Yummy Melon ! It is the 39th week of the color challenge ! I’m in love with fruit themed colors, and Luna Jubilee announced it is just the begining ! I’m so excited ! Next week will be apricot… It is quite the same color. Not easy at all to do the same next week, that would have been more fun to have another one between !


Styles Details :

hair/ ::Exile:: Coy:Roots-Stefani mix (by kavar.cleanslate)) !TDRb
skin/ ::DT:: ::Megan:: Cream – Basic CL1 EBBlond Mo FR (by iki.ikarus)
eyes/ .:A&M:. Ice Ice Eye – Ice Queen (by mala.oh)
dress/  BOUNCE /  MARGOT dress / Melon (by archan.allen) !PT
jewels/ ::MOOD:: Pearle Blossom ~ Plum (by jori.watler)
make-up/ ROZENA ~Summer juicy gloss~ peach pink (by lindsay.rozen)
tongue/ .:A&M:. Emote Tongue – Wanna… escargots? (by mala.oh)
poses/ GLITTERATI – 081 (by katey.coppola)

*PT = Project Themeory


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