Zombie bikini

2 weeks ago, I discovered on my favorite geek online journal those cute and crazy Zombie Bikinis made by Pale Horse Design.  25$, it is a great deal (real online shop here) ! And 1 week later, I read my daily notecards and group notices inworld, receive one from The Sea Hole. What ? Zombie Bikinis, are you kidding ? It’s true ! You can find those adorable bikinis at The Sea Hole (you can judge yourself, find em on 1st floor ! Available here on marketplace) I like them a lot. I completely forgot about them until today. It is funny to see creator’s ressources inspiration, where they find their ideas and who they copy admire. Got myself the adorable Teal and Lemon bikini ! And I love it ! So, it is not my problem if designers find inspiration in real existing clothing and stuff, just wanted to share these infos, it’s interesting.

Zombie bikini : The Sea Hole / Pale Horse Design
Zombie bikini : The Sea Hole / Pale Horse Design

Styles Details :

hair/ [kik]hair-Olive(tea) (by kik)
skin/ M O N S TeenagerSkinSeries / Natural Eki – pinklips(dark) (by monsl)
eyes/ .:A&M:. Human Eyes – Purple – Dilated Pupil (by mala.oh)
bikini/  The Sea Hole – Zombikini Lower – Teal & lemon (by drinkinstein.sorbet)
necklace/ Zaara : Balini Necklace *malachite cyan* (by zaara.kohime)
make-up/ ROZENA ~Baby gloss~ mango (by lindsay.rozen) !Albero
poses/ GLITTERATI – 083 (by katey.coppola)

*Albero = Albero Gatcha Festival

RL Zombie bikini = Pale Horse Design


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