My Ugly Dorothy is having a sale ! 60% off on many skin (320L$)! No end date yet, so don’t forget to take a look ! My best friend Mala called me “Chameleon” one day, because I always change my style, and I’m rarely recognizable. I kept that nickname. And today I discover this cute Chameleon hat from Kari ! What a surprise ! I had to buy it and wear it immediately ! Choice 2011 has begun on september 24th and will end on october 24th ! Amazing gifts to grab ! Collect the stamps and validate your cards ! Here are the instructions if you don’t know this event (formerly known as CSR, Creators Stamp Rally). I collected the stamps for 4 cards this year. According to me, the prizes are less interesting, except the ones I choose to get. I used to get all prizes in the past years !


So here are the prizes I wanted !


Styles Details :

skin/ *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Mirai_M10_teeth (by sopha.portal) !sale
eyes/ .:A&M:. Human Eyes – Khaki – Dilated Pupil (by mala.oh)
top/  !Ohmai: Friday or Saturday Pullover (Poison Dart) (by anya.ohmai)
skirt/  (PRIS) – Iob Skirt in Red&Blue (by erin.winterwolf)
tights/  d. Select Pants nylon tights green (by steffi.villota)
necklace/ (Yummy) Vintage Camera Necklace (by polyester.partridge)
glasses/ .:A&M:. Reader Glasses –  Black (by mala.oh)
hat/ Kari – A Chameleon hat (by menno.ophelia)
shoes/ eleanor rigby. camper clogs (by kyrsten.jigsaw) !PT
poses/ .ploom. Poses – Upper (by

*PT = Project themeory

Choice 2011 gifts :

hair/ tram  hat hair /  Green(Peacock (by moca.loup)
shoes/ Picnic (icni) Tassellon (by nyasyousa.oh)
sofa/ *Y’s HOUSE* Sofa02 [Denim/White] (by yacchan.clip)
bag/  +grasp+/Python leather bag (by asalt.eames)


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