Pete the pumpkin

Busy weekend ! Main halloween events started yesterday, I decided to take a look at The Season’s hunt Autumn and I was very happy with the prizes ! But first, let’s see my equipment for this long adventure ! I was wearing a DP Yumyum coat, confortable and plenty of pockets to fill with presents, Tram hat with an elegant peacock feather, it is my “detective touch”, and those adorable Picnic Choice shoes that I love tenderly. Let me introduce you to my dear friend Pete The Pumpkin, the adorable pumpkin we have to search in every participating stores. Pete is very kind, but can be a very bad guy when he hides in incredible places, just to drive you crazy !

The 1st picture was taken at Willow, one of the craziest participating stores (you’ll understand if you visit the location during the hunt). The 2nd one was taken at my own home, when I came back from hunting, a few hours later. The whole hunt took me about 10 hours (a full saturday!). I hope you enjoy the relooking of my home, spoooky !

Pete The Pumpkin
Pete The Pumpkin

Styles Details :

skin/ *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Mirai_M10 (by sopha.portal) !sale
eyes/ .:A&M:. Human Eyes V.2 – Rare – Dilated Pupil (by mala.oh)
make-up/ [ a.e.meth ] – Vivid Eyeshadow (Yellow) (by aemeth.lysette)
tongue/  Ohmai Emporium: Every Flavored Bean (Creamcheese) (by anya.ohmai)
coat/ **DP**yumyum:mods coat (by toraji.voom)
top/ Willow~ Henley Tank- Oatmeal (by weezey.warwillow)
shorts/  “NINIKO” culotte skirt(blackdot) (by kae.sahara)
tights/  d. Select Pants nylon tights green (by steffi.villota)
necklace/ [Lauria] Breast Cancer Awareness (by lisanna.lauria) !TOSL
necklace/ Kari – Hoot necklace – Tarnished (by menno.ophelia) !new
glasses/ .:A&M:. Reader Glasses –  Black (by mala.oh)
hat+hair/ tram Choice!2011 hat hair / Green(Peacock (by moca.loup) !Choice
shoes/ Picnic (icni) Tassellon (by nyasyousa.oh) !Choice
poses/ .ploom. Poses – Upper (by

*Choice = Choice 2011 event (formerly CSR)

List of Season’s hunt Autumn stores and locations : here

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