15 fav colors

The “52 Weeks of color challenge” is over ! And here are my 15 favorite photos since the begining ! This challenge was really a pleasure to follow. We made friends, discovered new stores, improved our skills in editing and photography. It was also very inspiring, and I’m glad I made this one year of weekly searches, photographies and fun ! It was hard to choose 15 looks only, but here they are !

15 favs

Details :

(from left to right)
1/ Cerise (post)
2/ Green (post)
3/ Silver (post)
4/ Umber (post)
5/ White (post)
6/ Banana (post)
7/ Periwinkle (post)
8/ Tangerine (post)
9/ Olive (post)
10/ Celadon (post)
11/ Lemon (post)
12/ Melon (post)
13/ Apricot (post)
14/ Liver (post)
15/ Cream (post)


7 thoughts on “15 fav colors

  1. What a beautiful collection! I’ve always loved how you do your shots with the close up/body shot combination but I have to say your lemon is my favorite one of all. See you next time around 🙂

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