Street Looks

I decided to open a new category to this blog : the Street Looks. Interesting looking people I meet while shopping and exploring this world.

So let me introduce you to this SL-hipster guy, let’s call him Balzac. I met Balzac in Mon Tissu & Celoe’s mesh store. He instantly catched my eye. I usually inspect people when some clothes or accessories interest me, and that’s what I tried to do for this boy’s complete outfit. He disapeared before I could get his hair‘s designer’s name ! Do you recognize it ? Shall you let me know in comment ? What do you think about him ?

Streetlook : Balzac

Styles Details :

hair/ [BURLEY]_Hans_Browns ??? (found by Noelita Foxdale !)
bow tie/ [Iruco] Bow tie (red loop) by iru Yebut
shirt/ *ARAI* Denim Shirt_sumi by mappy Handrick
pants/ [Iruco] Hemp pants (cream) by iru Yebut
belted scarf/ graph*scarf(mexican3-boy) by KANTAROU Carpaccio
shoes/ *FIR & MNA* Wavie Shoe by Rob1977 Moonites
location/ Mon Tissu & Celoe’s mesh store


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