Street Look : Angie

New Street Look ! Interesting looking people I meet while shopping and exploring this world.

So let me introduce you to this gypsy girl, let’s call her Angie. I met Angie at Season’s gatcha mall. I usually inspect people when some clothes or accessories interest me, and that’s what I tried to do for this boy’s complete outfit. Of course, I could not get her skin name, but I bet on Curio ! I know the picture is quite far (I added a close-up), but which one… Do you recognize it ? Shall you let me know in comment ? What do you say ? Cute eh ?

Street look - Angie
Streetlook02 - Angie

Styles Details :

hair/elikatira – Vivid – Brown 06
skin/ LAQ – Linnea, according to Lisanna Lauria ??? Is she right ? 🙂
shirt/ *League* Gypsy tunic – White
skirt/ *League* Nomad skirt – Vintage floral
earrings/ Earthstones – Gypsy earrings – multi/silver
location/ Season’s gatcha event place


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