We speak in One Voice to support Gala Pheonix

One Voice

UPDATE 3rd january 2013 : Curio is officialy back in Second Life, Gala Phoenix’s won ! Official announcement : “Great news everybody! A settlement has been reached in my legal dispute and Curio is officially back in business! Please visit curioonline.org for more information. I’d also like to take a minute to thank you all for all of your support, generosity and encouragement throughout this last year. Thank you so much everybody, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!”

UPDATE : Events raised enought money to help Gala Phoenix deal with justice (and give a warning to all content thief down here in Second Life world !). On monday 23rd of July 2012, she managed to raise a total of $24,561 ! Congrats ! Keep us up to date about the situation !

We need to unify, content creators, fashion lovers, Curio fans, … All together, because this is an important cause. Gala Phoenix, creator of famous Curio skins, has been trapped in a serious and unfair copyright conflict. I say unfair, because I do believe in her honesty. After accusing another person to copy her work, she has been accused herself, and the problem is that this person intented a complain, a takedown notice, a legal court action asking to remove the skins from Second Life… This has much more impact for LL, and Gala Pheonix can’t continue to sell content and her skins are offline. She needs to clear her name in court, in America but also in Canada. She needs some financial help. And we are here. This is not just about Gala Phoenix creations, this is about showing how disgusted we are, how we need to prove we are here, willing to make things right, willing to step up and say no, we are not lambs anymore, we won’t let those thieves claim rights about our creations. In, and out of Second Life. We are living important days, our community needs to show its will to make things change. Curio’s case is a symbol, we will not be safe until we prove we are brave enought to fight. Time has come. Help Gala Phoenix, I think this case may change our future in Second Life, and digital copyright infringement in general.



>> ONE VOICE venue ! <<

Stuff I created, available at Once Voice event !

From the summer collection at BOUNCE, Sorbet top and Stripes skirts, all rigged mesh !

100% of donations go to Gala Phoenix !

BOUNCE / Sorbet mesh tops
BOUNCE / Stripes collection


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