Countess Fable

Hello ! Another halloween costume today, and it’s free ! Evie’s Closet famous dresses are great for halloween, and you can find 1 free mermaid outfit, and 3 free dresses at the store ! This is one of them ! It comes with different options, a corset, a short dress and this long dress. At The Costume Ball event, you can find this chic hairstyle by Ploom, with 2 mask options included in different colors, and this adorable Izzie’s Fuyu skin version. Boo necklace is for Perfect Wardrobe new edition, it’s lovely, full of details ! I found those adorable vampire fangs on Market Place at Heartstick, I had a hard time to find good fangs on tatoo layer, most of the time, they are included on skins of with lipstick, what a nightmare when you just want the teeth !

Countess Fable
Countess Fable

Styles Details :

hair/.ploom. Sha (mask) – Ploomage Tipped New Costume Ball
skin/ Izzie’s – Fuyu Skin (Costume Ball Ed.) with Dark Red Lipstick and blush New Costume Ball
eyes/ ROZENA ~Tempt eye~ soul dust
fangs/ Heartstick : Fangs & Blood (MP)
dress/*Evie’s Closet* Halloween Fable Pack FREE
necklace/ Izzie’s – Boo Necklace New Perfect Wardrobe
poses.ploom. Poses – Light
location/ Home


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