What’s YOUR Beauty Base Zero?

This post from Gogo at JuicyBomb (and originaly from Portia Pexington) made me want to share my beauty base zero too, so here it is !

I always wear underwear, because a skirt, or a mesh not loading, it could be embarrassing to look naked for everybody but me ! So My favorite undies of all times are not for sale anymore, it’s like a collector in my heart, Luxuria “Alicia”, a nude skin (usually the latest skin I bought, here Glam Affair “Amberly” in Petal), Acid & Mala eyes as usual,  and Exile “All for love” hairstyle in Nectar. Why this hair ? Because I clearly see my face. I also have other styles, with updo where the neck is completely naked, from Exile or Wasabi Pills for example, and always in a ginger color, of course ! I have 2 shapes that I wear in my inventory, one was for system skirts (which I don’t wear anymore) and the other is my everyday shape, which evolves sometimes, like once a year maybe… I always wear 2 Lelutka eyelashes, one on top of the other, that I modified as I wanted (opacity, position, etc). I also quite always wear Classic nails from Izzie’s, in a nude or neutral color, like white, peach or black. This is the start, my basics.

What’s YOUR Beauty Base Zero?

I have a quick outfit, saved in my outfits folder, to wear fast when I need to go somewhere in the minute. Example : I’m -quite- naked at home, trying some clothes or a new skin, and I hear about a sale, or an event, or a friend in need, I have to go now, so, I wear this outfit in one click and I’m ready to decently appear anywhere. I feel confortable in this outfit, and it is neutral. It is also a low prim outfit, useful in crownded places. This quick look is made of basics : white top from Izzie’s and jeans from Maitreya ! Bare system feet.

And you, what’s YOUR beauty base zero ?

Styles Details :

hair/ ::Exile::  All for Love:Nectar
skinGlam Affair – Amberly – Petal edition – Clean Red New Group Gift
eyes/ .:A&M:. Human Eyes – Blue Ice – Dilated Pupil
lashes/ [LeLutka]-Photoshoot II Lashes
lingerie/ {Luxuria} Alicia  – blush
top/ Izzie’s – Beaded Top white
pantsMaitreya Rolled Skinny Jeans – #05
nails/ Izzie’s – Classic Nails
poses.ploom. Wake New
location/ Home


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