Mesh implants

I wanted to resume a little the mesh implants trends, so I own hands, feet, hair and boobies mesh implants. I feel like a bionic mesh avatar, ahaha ! I also own the doll mesh avatar from DollCoco and some funny mesh creatures… There are also complete human avatars, like dolls but realistic avatars, replacing the whole system body, or just heads. Ears (regular or elven), horns, tails also exist, those implants are really useful in a second life roleplay. We totally integrated meshes in our everyday second life in 2012. Furniture, clothes, accessories, avatars, implants. Mesh are everywhere, and replaced the sculpts, which were heavy to load and ugly, due to the lack of polygons and the sculpt map technology based on image spectrum thingie, according to me, but I’m willing to go in the details here, I’m no expert !

So, are SLink mesh hands and feet and Lolas Tango mesh breasts the most successful mesh implants in 2012 ? I guess they are. When you go for a walk around the grid, you must have noticed the incredible amount of avatars wearing those implants. It is a success, because they are easy to use, to edit to match your skin tone, thanks to smart HUDs or appliers (what is an applier ? Click a small HUD provided by your skin or clothing brand, it applies the texture to the implant).
Mesh implants
Mesh implants

I succeed to edit my Lolas boobies to decrease their size and keep the cloth layer quite right, thanks to Aranel Ah’s blog post “Troubleshooting SL Breat Implants” on Boom blog, replying to frequently asked questions about editing mesh breast. Don’t forget to always make a copy of the original implant before editing it !
Mesh implants
My toes ! 😀

So, what next ? Which implant will be the next success ?

Styles Details :

hair/ ( r e d ) M i n t ~ colourDemo ~ Flame (Tips.o6) Gift
skin/ -Belleza- Teal Flash Skin (last FLF event – 18 Jan.)
eyes/ .:A&M:. Human Eyes – Khaki – Dilated Pupil
boobs/ Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts
hands/ Slink Mesh Rigged Hands Pack 1
feet/ Slink Womens Natural Barefeet (Mesh Rigged)
topIzzie’s – Basic Longsleeve Shirt (Winter Set – Marine)
pants/ *BOOM* Norfolk Tweeds (Teal)
poses{what next} Newport Dock set (pillows + lanterns)
furniturePILOT – Miller Dresser New Four Walls hunt
deco/ {what next} Flyaway Wall Art (Dandelion) – black
location/ Home


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