My monitor has passed away, see you soon !

Yes, this morning my monitor passed away. I felt it was about to happen, poor thing.

Hopefully, it is still guaranted ! Gonna be back next week with a free new monitor ! It is a Iyama ProLite B2475HDS-B1, we discovered they have short lifetime (more or less 1 year, mine is 1 year and a half, lucky me). But I also ordered a new monitor from another brand, in case of (and because I’m willing to get a 27″) : it’s a AOC e2752Vq ! I don’t know much about this brand, but the critics are really good (great colors after a few settings, good response time, my numer one specs !)

My monitor has passed away, see you soon !

I was willing to blog all the new juicy stuff you can get at FaMESHed this month, but my laptop has an ATI video card (powerful but LL does not like ATI…), and I got too many weird red/green/yellow artifacts on SL UI to stay logged in ! So here are some details about the look I wanted to share with you ! No more teasing next week !

Styles Details :

hair/ /Wasabi Pills/ Fay Mesh Hair – Gingerbread New FaMESHed
skin/ Izzie’s – Harlow Skin pale ginger brows CL New
make-up/ Izzie’s – Glossy Lip Highlights 3D New
eyes/ .:A&M:. Human Eyes – Khaki – Dilated Pupil
jacket/ Emery – Leather Jacket Saul Light Black New FaMESHed
dress/ The Secret Store – Bowlicious Dress – Nude New FaMESHed
location/ Home


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