Hello Spring !

Izzie’s released her new Holly skin, and I love it ! Why ? Because I like her Red Brows version, it is a dark red, matching dark red hair styles. I would be delighted to see a bonus version for Light Ginger red brows at Izzie’s like some other skin creators offer ! But still, that’s better than brown, right ? 🙂 Truth‘s Fameshed Tymber hair looks gorgeous with roots, particularly in pumpkinpie, love the gradient ! I’m also wearing new Slink hands update, with avatar enhancement options. This allows skin and nails creators to make designs for Slink hands and feet. Yay ! This was desperately wanted ! Izzie’s created many compatible avatar enhancement add-ons for Slink users, and today I’m wearing Metallic nails, that I applied to my Slink hands clicking on a simple hud provided by Izzie’s. Magic ! Fanatic released great mesh flipflops, very customisable (sole, straps, skin, nails) with an easy to use HUD. Last but not least, Sienia Trevellion is back after a mesh learning and training period to offer us great mesh clothes and accessories in her new store, Lark ! This Kaila collar is really cute, and many designs are available ! Original and super cute patterns and colors ! ❤
Hello Spring !
Hello Spring !
Hello Spring !

Styles Details :

hair/ >TRUTH< Tymber w/Roots – pumpkinpie New FaMESHed
skinIzzie’s – Holly Skin sunkissed RB CL New
eyes/ .:A&M:. Human Eyes – Khaki – Dilated Pupil
hands/ Slink Mesh Avatar Enhancement Hand (Casual + Gesture) + Izzie’s – Slink Metallic Nails Applier
dress/ (Milk Motion) vintage dress – navy TDR Fusion
shoes:FANATIK: Flipflops
collar/ Lark – New Release – Kaila Collar New
furniture/ {what next} Hello Spring Drawer Shelf (with eggies) April Group Gift
poses/ xbordeaux – cast out to sea + .ploom. Placate – 2
location/ Home

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