10 years in Second Life

Yearbook 2017 Yearbooks

I was reading the sl news this morning with my cup of tea, and saw Strawberry Singh’s post about her 10th rezday. It made me realize it is my 10th year too in 2017 (june for this avatar). So I took the time to digg into my photo album to make a yearbook just like she suggested, I added my 2017 picture to the SL Yearbook flickr group.

2017 is my 10th year in Second Life as Archan Allen. I had a past life (many actually), like many of us. I have been away from SL for  3 years, and came back in 2017, landing in a mesh fever world I am discovering every day, and learning to make stuff with latest tech. It is an interesting era! I saw trends over the years, various tech and improvements implemented in SL. It’s been a hell of a life!

Eyeshadow: Pink fuel: Queen palette B. “Husky Pride” (Powder pack may 2017)
Skin: Essences: Yanka + ginger eyebrows (Powder pack may 2017)
Top: Tres Blah Hope kimono tropical (Collabor88 april 2017)
Shorts: ISON – daphne shorts (sea foam) (Collabor88 april 2017)
Tattoos: BOUNCE / Maori inspirated tattoos appliers (head+body)

Hair: Lelutka Chill (group gift)
Mesh Head: Lelutka Simone
Mesh Body: Maitreya Lara


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