sources of light projectors photography tutorial in Second Life

Sources of light : projectors in second life

I played with light projectors this morning in Second Life. And I wanted to share little tips for second life photographers and photo enthousiasts. Since my past SL lights tutorial, a lot has changed. Material introduction enhanced avatars’ appearance a lot. Light reflects over prim surfaces and mesh avatars’ skin, even on mesh clothes and hair, so here is a new little demo…

A projecting prim reflecting in a shiny surface, such as material mesh body and head, exhibits a reflection of the prim’s projected texture. This is increasingly sharper and brighter, the shinier the reflecting surface is. You can set that up with your mesh body/head hud “glossiness” or “shininess” level for example. Or on a background prim or floor prim with the “texture” build menu, then “shininess” and select something other than “none”, so choose low, medium, high level of shininess.

Light projectors in SL

First, I set my winlight settings to midnight. Try some ambiant windlights at night and select your prefered version. I use (SS) Atmos 23.30 2 here in these pictures. Then, you see 2 sources of light here in this first picture: one white, the other a bright color, different positions of projectors, gives city-by-night neon like light effects to your skin and shades of light in your hair, clothes, skin, funny shadows…

Two sources of light, projectors in second life
no editing of shadows and lights in photoshop, only homemade SL light projectors

Hair: [elikatira] Nura – Exclusives FLF
Eyeshadow: Studio Exposure LELUTKA COLOR TREND PALLETE (powder pack may)
Lipstick: Glam Affair – Lelutka Bento – Lipstick Set 07
Freckles: Modish Celeste applier (powder pack may)
Skin: amara beauty felicia applier (powder pack may)
Eyes: Izzie’s Storm eyes applier (powder pack may)
Clothes: CandyDoll Nicki Collection Fallen Jumper Maitreya RARE @ The Epiphany Gatcha event
Bra&panties: Zaara applier with Maitreya Lara body
Necklace: RealEvil Orbit (Gift @ Marketplace)
Shoes: {Livalle} Marissa -High Platform Heels- Pearl (FLF)
Arms Tattoo: Bounce Maori
Mesh head: Lelutka Simone
Mesh body: Maitreya Lara
Pose laying on the ground: .:still life:.  [snowflake] gentle waves

Colors in artificial light and material mesh reflections

See the little light effects in this head shot, the hair strands and face side catch the red light color, but the main light is still white, so your whole avatar is not red here.

Projector lights in second life
*Rolls eyes*

These pictures are taken with other colors of artificial lights:

sources of light projectors photography tutorial in Second Life
1st picture uses 1 turquoise, 1 pink + 1 white projector at the top
sources of light projectors photography tutorial in Second Life
2nd picture uses 1 orange and 2 white projectors, and here my white light, is a bit misplaced, so the shadows are weird on the face, hair and cleavage.

Lipstick+eyeshadow: Studio Exposure LELUTKA COLOR TREND PALLETE (powder pack may)
Hair: little bones. Camila (Lelutka) @ Collabor88 may
Top: erratic / diana – halter bra / pearl
Pants: Addams // Real Worn Out Jeans // Ocean
Earrings: Stealthic – Rising Sun Earrings @ FaMESHed
Mesh head: Lelutka Simone
Mesh body: Maitreya Lara

Here are the projectors setup examples:

sources of light projectors photography tutorial in Second Life
This is how I put my projectors for this example post. I colored the cubes so that you see which light color is applied where. This is a basic setup.
sources of light-5
Sides projectors are using these digits. Feel free to try other settings!
sources of light-6
And this is the digits for my top white projector light. I use a gradient circle texture like in the old days, but you can change the light’s form with features digits.

So… what are those digits ?

Light settings for SL projectors

A projector’s light creates shadows if you have selected Sun/Moon + Projectors for your Shadows preference. If you do not add a texture for your light, if will only project a square of light with the selected color. If you add a texture, it will be projected by the prim.

  • Intensity: overall intensity of texture – range 0 to 1
  • Falloff: relative brightness – range 0 (brightest) to 2
  • FOV: size of the projected image – range 0 to 3 (largest projection) – also influenced by the projector prim’s distance from the surface(s) on which the image is being projected
  • Focus: focus of the image (hardness / softness) – range -20 to +20
  • Ambiance: contrast of the image – range 0 to 1.

The FOV setting defines the field of view of the projector (in radians but we don’t care). The field of view is the angular width of the cone of light projected. It is like you are walking backwards with a torchlight facing a wall, the cone is larger as you go backwards, the cone hitting the lit surface of the wall becomes blurry (fidelity degrades as the cone becomes larger).

Focus: A projected texture appears blurrier the further the projection point is from the projector. The Focus value controls how attenuated this effect is. Positive values keep the projection sharper for farther distances, negative values make the projection start to blur at a closer range.

Ambiance adds a very blurred version of the projected image to all faces within the cone of influence, regardless of whether they are in shadow or facing away from the projector. The goal is to roughly simulate light influence being diffused in all directions by surfaces receiving a projected image. Warning: ambiance light will go though prim walls and lit outside of the room for example.

Local lights + glow + full bright background = ?

Another method to obtain color light contouring around the edges of your avatar can be to use a glow background in your Second Life photographies. You can use this with or without full bright background. See this little gif for example!

Have fun!

I hope this post was useful, if so please let me know in the comments section, and share your tests results and impressions!

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