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Rainy spring

Surprise… it rains this week … I decided to bring my Node+ umbrella, in case of … I was right. My Boom shoes are wet, so are my League legs… Milk Motion shorts and Sleepy Eddy‘s top are not warm enought. Hopefully, I took a cardigan in my Milk Motion bag this morning. I’m ready for my working day !

Cupcake new sim biulding! It is inspired by the old Paris Montmartre, but It looks really like my RL job location in old Strasbourg ! Here are the pictures !

.rainy spring

.rainy spring

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Many of us, SL Residents, had a hard time at the begining. As many of you, I got lots of jobs. First, I was a dancer. It was fun. I’ve been woking in many clubs in SL, and then, found a friendly place, and decided to stay there for a while. I wanted to create more things in SL, and one day develop my own business, but needed more Linden Dollars to test textures. There was no temp textures 4 years ago … So I had to upload many times to try new things, develop my skills. I became a stripper. This is fun and easy money, when you know how to attract people, and when you bound with them. Then, I became a hooker for some time. It was boring and disgusting, but gives a lot of money. I stopped very fast. It wasn’t for me. I’ve been promoted as a event host and organizer, and this was great. When I was ready, I stopped to “work” and decided to open a very small shop. I was also a photographer. I had image editing skills long time before knowing SL, but making clothing was really different. I finally had some opportunities and … Today I’m a proud and happy designer ! The End. 😛

I’ll tell you more about my history soon, stay tuned if you’re interested ! Or if you just enjoy the pictures !

#100 Things You don't know about me

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Cyber-elven-uzi addict

This is my #1 entry in the #100 Things You Don’t Know About Me flickr group, created by Pandora Clarity. This is really fun, I already have tons of ideas for my next entries and would like to do them all now !

I used to be a cyber-elven-uzi addict. Yes. Admit it. A role-player as well. And of course, I was the prettiest, the smartest … Our characters are always the best ! 😛 I spent some years hanging out in different RP zones down here in SL. I’ll show you some other worlds I lived in, maybe.

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