Second Life Vintage Fair 2017

“Take a stroll through time with nearly 200 designers bringing the best of vintage, pre 1980s fashion back to life! Event ends June 25.”


Vintage Fair 2017 lands (2 sims) were designed by Mue Prefabs. All the buildings are sold in Mue’s shop on the sim. Various eras are featured: 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s… From June 9th to June 25th, you can find anything from skins and make-up to clothes, accessories, furniture, poses… In each store you will find an item exclusive to Vintage Fair. You probably will not find it anymore after the fair is closed.

Taxi to Vintage fair: Vintage Fair 2017

Complete information on Pale Girl Productions website (maps with stores list, slurls, pictures gallery of exclusive items).


Vintage Fair sim was designed by Mue Prefabs. All the buildings are sold in Mue’s shop.

I’m sharing with you some treasures I gifted myself from Vintage Fair.


elikatira [e] Betty – Essentials
LYBRA . GABY BLUE Bra and Panties swimsuit
Ingenue :: Ulla Sneakers (FLF)
[Avenge] Vintage sunglasses – pois
BellePoses – Hello Sailor + props
Location: Crossing Currents


The Muses . Lacey . Romper . Gold/Red
Ingenue :: Dorothy Heels :: Ebon (Slink feet kitten only)
:: PurpleMoon :: Audrey Pearl Set -white-
for hand bento – Pose Heart (Free gift)
Location: Vintage Fair
All those furniture you can find and try at Vintage Fair 2017!


Spring is in the air

Izzie’s spring land look fabulous, you should check it out while shopping 🙂  The idea comes from Ysé Ah‘s recent photographies here ! Boom released some cute clothing : Norfolk tweed pants, Soft swerve off-shoulder tops and a cute choker. I had quite a hard time finding matching shoes, because the pants are very long, and the shoes were always showing through the pants… Those booties from Welldone Atelier match quite well ! It always depends of the poses and animations you use of course.
Spring is in the air !
Spring is in the air !
Spring is in the air !
Spring is in the air !

Styles Details :

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I love NY hunt

I Love New York Hunt2013
I love NY hunt started on february the 14th and will end on the 28th. It takes place in the stores of New York City land. I wanted to take pictures at this place, because it looks nice, but I never succeed in loading the entire place, and it’s so laggy that I gave up my tour… No luck !

14 items to search for, each one is 14L$, so take a look at the pictures before you go for it. I took a look at NYC’s blog post about the event (here) where there are vendor pictures.

I wanted to find BsD’s necklace but I did not find it… No luck, again. This was the only item I was willing to try, that’s really a shame ! I love all events for NYC, and it’s always a good time with great products featured, but this valentine’s hunt is quite a deception : prices are quite low quality, and I had a laggy exhausting experience. Anyway, here are some of the items you can find at NYC before the end of the event the 28th !
I love NY hunt

Styles Details :

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Cupcake land reopening

Cupcake land reopened ! Shop owners put some items for sale at the entry of their stores to welcome the reopening !
Cupcake reopening
Cupcake reopening

Sorry for the lateness ! I wrote the article the 30th but forgot to publish it !

Styles Details :

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Duveteux Rayonnant

Boom released the new “Duveteux rayonnant” blasers collection, and this is exciting ! (and really a funny French name !) Those models were introduced in august 2012, at Collabor88’s birthday themed on “Baroque”, in flashy crazy colors. This collection’s colors are less “electric”, if you see what I mean 🙂 I like them a lot !

ElikaTira, Izzie's  & Boom
New basic tee shirts from Izzie’s, lots of colors themed on seasons : Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn lines ! And appliers for mesh breast implants Lolas Tango are available !
ElikaTira, Izzie's & Boom
ElikaTira is having a retirement sale on all the store. Be ready ! It started on January 23rd and will end on February 23rd.

I took a moment to write down the sale prices :

Secret boots : 1 Color pack :60L$, Fatpack 480L$
Live boots : 1 Color pack :60L$, Fatpack 480L$
Move pumps : 1 Color pack :55L$, Fatpack 360L$
Millside flats : 1 Color pack :28L$, Fatpack 196L$
Flair flats : 1 Color pack :55L$, Fatpack 360L$

1 Color pack : 66L$,
Essential pack : 75L$,
Fatpack : 360L$

1 Color pack : 75L$,
Essential pack : 84L$,
Fatpack : 4211L$

I stopped by and completed my [e] favs collection, of course ! Designer Elika Tiramisu announced that everything in the store is being retired and won’t be coming back, she would like to continue moving forward with meshes, her store is full of old sculpted hairstyles and shoes, so a fresh start would be great. It’s your last time to say goodbye to [e]’s sculpted shoes and hairstyles ! The question is : will the latest mesh hairstyles disapear too ? I guess yes. Only new things accepted in the new store ! Can’t wait to follow Elika’s new projects !
ElikaTira retirement sale

[e] Midnight blacks hair + Curio – Party girl – Sundust skin + Izzie’s Low Neck Tee – Autumn pack
ElikaTira retirement sale

[e] Browns hair + Curio – Party girl – Sundust skin + Izzie’s Low Neck Tee – Winter pack
ElikaTira retirement sale

[e] Carrot reds hair + FAKE Miel Porcelain Ginger Skin+ Izzie’s Low Neck Tee – Summer pack
ElikaTira retirement sale

[e] Firey reds hair + Curio Cupid Sundust Skin+ Izzie’s Low Neck Tee – Spring pack
ElikaTira retirement sale

[e] Rainbow & White hair + Curio – Party girl – Sundust skin + Izzie’s Low Neck Tee – Winter pack

Styles Details :

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Happy New Year 2013 !

Happy New Year 2013 everybody ! I’m glad to be back after some winter vacation with family and friends. I have been quite busy when I came back, creating my website creation firm, and I already have customers, so that’s an exciting adventure ! But I promise I will try to keep some time to continue blogging !

Happy New Year 2013  ! Some change for the new year !

So, when I logged in back, of course, I discovered lots of amazing news in SL fashion world !

1st of all, Gala Phoenix’s Curio skins are back in Second Life ! YEAH ! Justice has been done ! So, congratulations to you Gala, this is a big step for Second Life creators community ! To celebrate this success, Curio’s in-world group is giving out a pack of skins “Party girl” !

Here is the official message :

Great news everybody! A settlement has been reached in my legal dispute and Curio is officially back in business! Please visit for more information. I’d also like to take a minute to thank you all for all of your support, generosity and encouragement throughout this last year. Thank you so much everybody, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

And the gift was not enough, so all fatpacks and megapacks are at a reduced price (2.000L$) !

Announcing the reopening of both Curio and Curio at TD – Both stores have been restored and are now reopened to the public! In celebration I’ll be offering all fatpacks and megapacks at a reduced price for a limited time! And if you didn’t get the notice earlier, attached you’ll find my thank you gift ♥

Happy New Year 2013  ! Some change for the new year !

The second announcement I have to make is that I got a boob job, yes, I am weak !

So, 1st post in 2013, I’m wearing Curio Party girl celebration skin and Lola’s Tango boobies ! \o/ (but seperately, because Curio did not (yet) create mesh breast appliers (Maybe one day ?). I wish I could make the boobs smaller, because I’m not a big fan of huge boobies (sometimes, but not everyday). So, I tried to reduce the size, but then the appliers are so messed up that the clothing layer looks ridiculous… And the textures won’t match with the body skin. Anyway, I’m gonna try again. I love the shape of thos breasts, because it’s really natural, and it changes from the system SL boobies 😀

Happy New Year 2013  ! Some change for the new year !

And you dear reader, did you get a boobs job ? What do you think about it ?

Would you like a smaller version (and many different sizes) just to have a boob shape looking more real ?

PS: New on Boom blog, a page listing frequently asked questions about breast implants and their (clothing/skins) appliers. That’s a good idea, everything is clearly explained. Take a look !

Styles Details :

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Persian rose

Another 52 Weeks of color challenge themed look, Persian Rose, a bright hot pink color for 29th week !

I’m back from my sunny island, it was really hard to meet winter again, but I’m glad to be back blogging and seeing you again ! ❤

Persian rose

Styles Details :

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